Using Athens-protected services with DA?

Hi. I’m fairly new to DA, and my initial customization need is to create sets which search a range of subscriber-only online resources which are accessible to Athens users.

(Athens is a registration system for UK Academics. In practical terms, Athens users are often sent to a separate login page, before being returned back to the main search page. An example is the Oxford Reference site at

I’ve read the XML plugin documentation, but I’m still not clear as to whether DA can be configured to make the login itself and retrieve the information.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have an example of such a plugin?


does Athens use cookies to store the login information? If that’s the case then it’s currently not possible to write an XML plugin for this site. But if it’s possible to encode the login information into the URL (like….) then it should be possible to use such a URL for the plugin.

Thanks for the reply. The Athens implementation seems to depend on the particular website, but on the whole they seem to depend on cookies, rather than url encoding. So that would seem to make it impossible.

Can I make this a feature request? There are several useful information stores that require authentication, and it would be helpful if Devonagent handled them transparently. I can only guess at the complexity of this, but I wonder if it would be possible to implement some kind of pseudo-scripting by the user, along the lines of the Perl & Ruby Mechanize modules?