Using browser 'capture' context menu vs. inbox

I noticed some inconsistency when using the contextual menus of the built-in web browser. I would recommend to make the behavior of ALL capturing methods more consistent:

a) the services commands (I love them!) seem to capture everything as defined in prefs (to global inbox / current inbox / select group)

b) bookmarklets do the same as above

c) sorter - the same

d) ‘capture …’ browser commands (from its contextual menu) work in a different way - they capture the stuff into the ‘current group’ which makes them actually useless since I keep forgetting about moving the captured documents to their right place

I know I can adjust this behavior using AppleScripting but right now I rather mean the consistency for new users of DT. I think the prefs setting should apply globally to all capture methods.

The preferences apply only to external sources. All internal commands use the current group. This might be inconsistent in some way but it is consistent in another way.