Using 'Create Offline Archive' script

When I use the script ‘Create Offline Archive’ on a link in a document that I placed into DTPO via DevonAgent, what is happening? (I can’t find the webpage represented by the link? Is it embedded?)

Where does the ‘offline archive’ go?

Am I doing the right thing if what I want to do is to capture the successive web pages via links in a critical document?

[If this doesn’t make sense, let me know? :stuck_out_tongue: )

The “Create Offline Archive” script parses all selected HTML pages and adds missing images, scripts, stylesheets and other objects to the download manager. After downloading those items into the database (see group “Archive”), the HTML page can (almost always) be viewed offline, just like web archives.

But the script posted in this thread should do what you want to do:


It looks like the post you mention for the script is gone. And I don’t have anything in an Archive group. Could you please either post the link to the script you mentioned again, or explain where the data is going when I use the Create Offline Archive script?

Many thanks.

The URL for the new forum is