Using DEVONagent with Google Scholar

Hi. I’m trying to finish my doctoral dissertation at UT. By logging into our university’s ISP, we get universal access to special academic databases. We are also given access to Google Scholar, which I use constantly. Google Scholar works by passing-along your university’s ID to the academic sites so you can access and download their articles for free.

I have DEVONthink Pro and, now that 2.0 is out, I’m considering the 2.0 BUNDLE upgrade – i.e., the one that includes DEVONagent. But I’ve heard there are problems getting DEVONagent to use the university’s Google Scholar gateway. Is this true? Do I need to do something special to make DEVONagent pass its queries THROUGH Google Scholar, and not just through regular Google, which won’t let you access academic articles sites?

Has anyone tried this :question: