Using Devonthink on multiple macs

I have two large databases HOME and WORK. However I have an iMac and an 11 inch air. The databases are kept on the iMac, but increasingly I am using the 11 inch air. (because I am lazy and like to lounge on the sofa)

My conundrum was how to add stuff to the databases from my air.

What I have done is create a new database called AIR. I share this on dropbox between the two macs.When i want to add stuff on my air I add it to the global inbox of the database AIR which is automatically synced via dropbox

Then when I am on my iMac at a more convenient time I process the global inbox on AIR and add them to the relevant databases HOME or WORK.

The only problem is you need to ensure you are not using Devonthink and the AIR database at the same time but this solution seems to work perfectly for me.

I am not keen on putting my databases in the cloud but it would be nice if in future releases a way of syncing via wifi could be found.

The other thought I had is to get a time capsule and access the databases this way

If you’ve enabled sharing on your local network, you should be able to close the databases then quit DEVONthink on the iMac, navigate to the databases on the iMac from the Air, open them and work on them from the sofa. If you go back to your desk, close the databases then quit DEVONthink on the Air. This way you have only one instance of a database and no need to deal with clouds or sync.

I use Unison to perform bi-directional sync operations of my DEVONthink databases. I also have it do ~/Documents while I’m at it, but a remote system at the office only syncs two DEVONthink databases (one for Operational information and another for Research) to the same central repository.

It seems to work really well for me, I was originally thinking of just putting them in git repos but Unison seems to be doing well enough that I haven’t had the need to revert or recover from a bad sync.

I have been using ChronoSync to keep particular folders - including my DTPO database folder - in sync on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. I’ve been quite pleased with the way it has been working.

At home we have our individual laptops and a household Mac Mini. My wife and I also both have Macs in our offices at work. My solution to keeping all four of my DT databases synced? DropBox. The only caveat is that you need to make sure you close the application on one computer when moving to another computer. I think of this as a small mental price to pay considering that not only are my databases synced but also, in effect, backed up to the cloud.