Using DEVONthink Server with Curio's Sleuth

We know DEVONthink Pro Office is a powerful database program for document management. It plays well with Curio from Zengobi – a “digital notebook”. A nice feature of Curio is Sleuth – a feature similar to DEVONthink Agent that enables searches of various web assets. Because the DEVONthink Pro Office Server uses standard GET, POST interfaces it is possible to configure Curio’s Sleuth to search DEVONthink database(s). I’ve put together a beginner tutorial on this.

Here’s the tutorial online:

and a PDF version

[attachment=0]Use DEVONthink Pro Office Server with Curio’s[/attachment]
The tutorial does not explain advanced uses such as using Sleuth to search a DEVONthink server located on the internet – but the configuration is simple as long as you know the URL of that server, be it local or not.