Using DT as (removable) disk cataloguing tool?

I’ve been looking around for a disk cataloguing (sp?) tool, mainly to try to keep up with my work backup CDs and DVDs. I found the tools available somewhat lacking, more OS9-ish that OS X.

Then it occurred to me: wouldn’t it be possible to use DT for this purpose?

is it possible to have DT index CDs and DVDs and keep track of where which file is?
Possibly even to tell me to insert CD such-and-such (“Open externally” doesn’t anything when the media is not mounted)
And: there’s quite a few movie files ripped from DVDs that I’d really like to annotate with IMDB infos – but I can’t see how to do so with the link files DT creates.


Yes, this should be possible. Simply make a group for your disk in DT and index all files you want to keep in your database (or the complete disk) into that group. What it doesn’t do is to ask you to insert the appropriate volume when you double-click one of these indexed files. We’ll have a look at this issue.

You could create a RTF and drag your movies there like you would do with images.



You can of course add comments to the files, e.g. via the Info panel or the “Comment” column (see “View > Columns > Comment” to enable this column).