Using DT3's calendars in other calendar apps

Is there any way to access/integrate DT3’s calendars with apps/services outside of DEVONthink? I suspect that it could be scriptable, although I imagine that solution would be a bit fragile. I’m imagining a way to subscribe to/open the calendars of DT3 in conventional calendar apps.

It would be nice to see e.g., Reminders/Due dates alongside my other calendars. (And as I’ve requested elsewhere, it would be valuable to integrate Custom Metadata with these calendar views as well.)

(Agenda has inspired this, in part. I think the app’s made a compelling case for connecting our work with our personal timelines.)

All filters including the ones for dates are actually just… well… filters for the main view. Reminders are scriptable but although such an automation should be doable, it would highly depend on the calendar apps of course and, depending on the size of databases, could be quite slow

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Thanks for the swift response! I figured as much. I was thinking a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine: put all items fitting a certain date metadata parameter for a Smart Rule, grab those items and make them an .ics file somehow, and send them to the calendar. But of course that wouldn’t update cleanly with changes in DT3 and would only be one-way.

Likely not worth the work to put it together anyway.

a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine

Haha! I was just talking about people coming up with Rube Goldberg kind of ideas in automation :stuck_out_tongue:


I think my whole work-life looks like something out of The Incredible Machine…

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Haha! Nice :slight_smile: