using DTP to detect/delete duplicate files from hard drive

Is there a way I can use DTP to identify and help me safely delete duplicate files on my hard drive?

Here is my situation: I switched to a Mac about 8 months ago. In the four years before that I used five computers: a home desktop replaced by a laptop, replaced by a second laptop (never again), and two work desktops (I switched jobs). I do a lot of work at home, so I used my home and work computers concurrently. The result: I have many many duplicate files of important documents. The more important the document, the more likely that it exists in duplicate form! Most of these are sitting on an external drive attached to my Mac Mini (I backed up all the different drives to that external drive).

I want to use DTP to organize my thousands of files, but I don’t know how to start b/c I have so many duplicates. At least to start, I want to index rather than import (cause I don’t need any more copies!!). I’ve searched for some duplicate detection/deletion software but it seems that not much exists for the Mac, and I wasn’t hugely impressed with what I saw.
I’d appreciate any help you can give me.



You could index all your files & folders and DT would mark all duplicates blue & bold but there’s no built-in solution to display other instances of a duplicate right now and therefore DT is probably not suitable for this task (yet).