Using DTP to suss out a Google search.

I recently did this search on Google – education teaching. I got 1,290 hits. Is there any way to automate DTP to import my 1,290 search results in order to search and massage the data, or to do a “See Also & Classify”?

Seems like it would be relative easy by searching with DEVONagent (if you have or can afford a license) and sending results to DEVONthink since they’re designed to work together. But you’ve been around here long enough to probably know that and maybe even tried it. :slight_smile:

I’ve got DA, but I did not think to do the magic. I will, thanks to you. This sends the DA/DTP2.0 connection into orbit for me! :smiley:

Anyone care to help me formulate a DEVONagent search? I want to find articles that appear ONLY in Wired magazine containing these two terms: education and teaching. Thanks in advance.


You might want to request/use the latest beta. Several posts mention how to obtain it; should be easily spotted in search results for “devonagent beta”.

I’ll let someone more DA-savvy tackle that. :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching this thread for a bit hoping someone chimes in. I gave my best effort at hacking the google query, and filtering results, but haven’t been able to figure out how to do this in DEVONagent without making a new plugin for it (that would use’s built-in search and/or google’s operator).

So any DEVONagent-savvy folks out there…?

As far as I remember you’re using the beta of v2.5 and it’s quite easy now using the new “EngineSite” key. Some examples are the Philosophy, Poetry & Gutenberg plugins, see Contents > PlugIns > References in application package. The next beta will also introduce an assistant for this.