Using DTPO to render HTML files which have dependent files

I use two non-Finder repositories for stuff, DTPO and Keep It. I see an interesting and important difference between the two.

Suppose I have a folder containing files which exemplify an interesting javascript effect, with a main index.html file and some ancillary javascript and jpg files which are required for the effect to render. There are differences if I import this folder into the two applications.

In Keep It, all the files are contiguous in the same folder in the Finder and the effect example will actually render when I view the index.html.

In DTPO not all the files are in the same folder in the Finder and therefore the effect will not render. Is there any workaround for this in DTPO?

Keep It and DEVONthink are not technologically the same. You could index the folder in DEVONthink (see File > Index), but you should only be doing this with a fairly static location (ie. you’re not renaming and moving the folder around).

Yes, I see that DTPO is not suited to that use-case.

It actually functions perfectly fine if you index the files.