Using DTTG without a Mac

My Mac is on it’s last legs, and I don’t want to replace it. I moving to an iOS only workflow. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use DEVONthink to go without a Mac. To set up and manage data bases on an iPhone/iPad. I need my Files to sync between the iPhone and the iPad. I don’t currently have DEVONthink set up, so it would be an entirely new database and an entirely new set up. Right now I’m using iCloud and the files app, but would prefer to move to DEVONthink. Is this something that’s possible or should I stick with my current set up?

Sure. You can create a sync location on one device, create a database on that device, sync it to the location – and then connect to that location on another device. Initially the database you created on the other device will appear as “Remote” in the list, but as soon as you click it, the database will be downloaded. You’ll now have synchronized databases on your iPad and your iPhone – and the desktop is nowhere in the picture.

(And you will not have access to all the features of DEVONthink on the desktop, either.)