Using "Go To Document" Feature on Customised Toolbar

Anyone know how the “Go To Document” feature works on Customised Toolbar of an rtf document?

Go To Document.png

Its seems to jump to unrelated documents but presume it uses tags or metadata so select which documents to go to. I have searched in the manual but cannot find anything on this but may have missed it. Also checked the “See Also & Classify” documents to see if it scrolls through them but it does not.

I think this works best on a view like 3-panes and not on a window for an individual window. In 3-panes, for example, the middle buttons advance the selected document in a list of documents forward/backward and the outer buttons first/last. I believe if you press those buttons in an stand-alone RTF window then they would do the same thing to the files in the group where that RTF lives. Don’t know if that’s a useful feature.

Thanks, I hadn’t tried it on the main DTPO toolbar and it scrolls through each of the documents great.

If you select a folder then View-Sort-Unrelated and select one a document and try use the same “Go To Document” feature on customised toolbar it steps through each of the items in the correct order. However for some reason if you change the folder view to something like View-Sort-DateModified and try use the “Go To Document” buttons they seem stuck on the View-Sort-Unrelated folder structure, at least on my system which seems strange.