Using Graphics tablets

I’m thinking of getting a graphics tablet because some of the “notes” I want to take are actually sketches, and also because I just like the idea of handwriting sometimes, instead of always typing.

Together they reassure me that computers are adapting to serve us, and not vice versa.

Does anyone know whether or not graphics tablets play nice with DT ?

1.) Can it convert handwritten text to typed text ?

2.) Can it keep text in handwritten form and still search it (an application called "Inkbook" claims to be able to do this.

3.) Can it preserve a sketch as a document ?

4.) Can it mix a sketch and text in the same document ? e.g here is a layout of the groundfloor and here are directions of what I want you to do.

If DT can do these things already, please let me know so I can go buy a tablet. If it can’t, please consider this a feature request.

1.) Yes. MacOS does it. It has nothing to do with DT
2.) I think no.
3.) Yes. Just draw it with Ink an then copy it to DT
4.) No. Not in a normal Document

DT doesn’t really support graphics tablets. I’m using it just as a mouse. But the ability to use it in DT would be great.