Using gravity apps tags with devonthink

I have been using gravity apps program - Tags – to tag my documents. They don’t seem to work, however, when I have the docs in devonthink. Is there a way to make this work?

Tags feature isn’t fully implemented in the public beta yet.

Actually the files get tagged, but tagging in DT has no utility because the actual files in the DT database are not directly indexed by Spotlight. The db files are indexed in the ~/library/caches/metadata/devonthink* folder. I’ve done the following with Fresh and I assume it would work the same with Tags.

  1. Tag a file in DT using Tags
  2. Search for the tag and it will not appear in a tag search
  3. In DT, select the file that was just tagged and choose ‘Data>Show in Finder’
  4. Option-drag the file to the desktop to create a copy of the file
  5. Search for the tag again and the file on the desktop will appear in the search results

Naturally, doing the above doesn’t help you in your workflow, but it does show that the file was successfully tagged-it’s just not searched by Spotlight when in the DT database. Devon has hinted that DT may get Open Meta support in the future, so hopefully at some point DT and OM will work well together.

Edited to add: If you index your files in DT rather than importing them to the db, external tagging with Tags, Fresh, etc. work just fine. The tags will not, however, display within DT as JRPars mentioned.