Using iPhone scanner to send to Devonthink

HI, I have been thinking the best way for me to get scanned documents into Devonthink is to go into finder on my Mac - right click - import from iPad - scan documents. It saves me purchasing or subscribing to a 3rd party app. My question is can I have the inbox of DT in my finder and if so is this a good idea and also will I then need to run OCR from within DT for these files or should I create a new folder rather than use the inbox and somehow automate the OCR on this folder (if this is possible)? Thanks.

thanks for the quick reply, I’ll see what other suggestions come in but they seem to be good ways of achieving what I need…

You can make available DTTG folders in iOS Files App, then you can capture and directly save into whatever folder in DTTG you want. On next DTTG open if DTTG is sleeping (most probable), the file will be recognized and synchronized across.

Thanks how do you make the folders available in IOS?

I suggest to go to the File app and enable DTTG there.

A video better than 100000K words :blush: :

The link does not work for me

Ah perfect thank you. The link works for me.

Strange, iCloud failing. :joy:

Open Files app, touch the three points at top-right side, select “edit”, then enable DTTG.