Using iVPN to access DevonThing Office Pro

I am planning to access my DevonThing Office Pro database via my iPad. I have copy DevonThing To Go but it does not fit my needs. The pro version has a server that will allow to access my entire database but there is no encryption. So I was thing about setting a VPN connection, using iVPN on the Mac end. For a small extra charge I can have a fixed IP address which will make matter easier. I doubt I am the first to try this. Does it/will it work?

This is exactly what I am trying to do. Did you get it working? I’m guessing that the vpn would have to be able to access bonjour.

If you are just looking to remotely control DEVONthink (and the rest of your Mac), I would opt for this TeamViewer. They have a Desktop and a mobile version that work a real treat. 8^)

(Note that I can’t legally advocate any other software (in case you use it and your amchine explodes :smiley: ) so this is just my personal preference.)

Thanks for the response. I was actually looking to connect remotely to my network in order to synchronize the iPad DevonThink app with my DevonThink database and access it offline.

I already have a remote control program (that will remain nameless) but find it difficult to use the DevonThink software on it and obviously have to be connected to use it.

When I connect through my VPN, the sync icon on DevonThink-To-Go is inactive… I’m guessing that this is because DT uses Bonjour and I can’t get to Bonjour when on a VPN… Is this correct?