using keyboard in search window

How can I move from search form in “search window” to the items found list, using only keyboard? Option-tab is not working in that window…

Yes, Option-Tab doesn’t switch between cursor focus in the text field for entry or modification of Search window query text, and the cursor focus in the list of results. That’s also the case, for example in the Three-Panes View, when the cursor is in the text pane. But in the Search window, when the focus is in the text query field Option Tab actually inserts a tab.

When the Search window is invoked by a Lookup of selected text, or one selects a recent query string from the available list, the query string is highlighted. When the query text string is highlighted, one can type to enter a new string, or press the Up or Down Arrow to choose a different query from the list of recent terms, or press the Right Arrow to deselect the string so that additional text can be entered at the end of the string. Pressing Return invokes the search and results are listed in the bottom pane.

Currently, a mouse click is required to switch to the search list, and the Up and Down Arrow keys move Up/Down in the list of results. The text displayed in the text pane is not editable. In file types such as RTF, RTFD, HTML and PDF the terms(s) in the search query string are highlighted and the view automatically scrolls down to the first occurrence. Pressing Command-G will scroll down to the next highlighted occurrence, if any.

Mouse clicks are required to modify the search conditions, e.g., to search by Name, or to search by Label color.

There will be significant modifications to search procedures in DEVONthink 2, as noted at

thank you for the answer. I hope next release will leave a complete navigation in devonthink by keyboard.

One would probably never attempt complete use of all features by keyboard, as there are contexts in which the graphical user interface is faster and more convenient. :slight_smile:

The odds are that you’ll sometimes want to grab the mouse when editing the powerful search queries in DEVONthink 2, even when it might be possible to edit by keyboarding alone.

But I’m sure Christian is looking at issues such as keyboard shortcuts for change of focus among the panes of windows.

Actually I feel better with programs that give me (also) a complete access via keyboard. Sometimes using the mouse (or the trackpad) is less accurate navigating in critical data.


V2 will support both tab and Option-tab.