Using Keywords?

I’ve thought about doing a similar thing, custom-tailored to my own needs. I’ll check this out. Thanks :slight_smile:

What I understand in Bill’s position, is that when working in large amounts of documents, it’s a better solution to create big clusters of data, and let the granular work to the AI of DTP. I do agree that doing the granular work yourself, takes a lot of time.

I think that DTP should integrate its well done AI to the tagging task: it should suggest the user the words more suited to be a descriptive tag of the document (as does). Also, It coud be interesting that tag clouds could be generated by the AI itself (as part of many other visualisation options). Letting the content of documents create the structure of the database and not the contrary, is my ideal of information managment software. That could give DEVONThink a tangible difference from other interesting solutions as Eaglefiler or Leap.

That’s a brilliant idea. Let user-specified tags be bold, and AI determined tags be non-bold. Allow me to exclude one or the other as a search criterion. Allow me, with a single click, to upgrade an AI tag to a user-specified tag. Let me Cmd-Click a collection of tags, and have the See Also window show me all the documents which share those tags.


That would be amazing, radii0 and jweigley