Using Mindmap applications with DT in 2018

I am currently using Mindnode and Scapple, what is your experience if any with :

matchware mindview

Any others worth mentioning ?

Thank you

iThoughtsX is very good - flexible, well-featured, good Mac and IOS clients. I wouldn’t claim it’s worth a switch from Mindnode unless there’s some very specific feature you need.

I’ll mention Mindjet MIndmanager only to recommend you avoid it - costly, well behind its Windows version in features - only of any ue in a corporate Microsoft environment.

You might look at The Brain - all costly, but with some nice features if they suit the way you work.

Have a look at - guys over there talk about tihs kind of thing all the time

I was using NovaMind but they’ve gone a bit flaky. I switched to iThoughts X and love it. I did a quick demo of MindNode, saw no reason to switch. And from the reviews I’ve read, iThoughts is a more robust version of MindNode but one might not need the added features. Both get great reviews.

Here’s a nice review from The Sweet Setup. MindNode is their pick, with iThoughts their pick for “power users”.

Ty Mathes for sharing, I do prefer MindNode to IthoughtsX much more elegant and intuitive but must be a matter of taste …