Using multiple WikiLink options

Hi all!

Is it possible to use two WikiLink options at the same time? I would like to be able to link to existing documents using the Names and Aliases option, and create new linked documents using the Square Brackets option (and the Template facility).

Thanks in advance!



no, this is not possible.

Ah, okay. I wonder why.

Thanks for your response!

The next release will support this.



When you say the next release, do you mean DT4, or the next update?


The next maintenance release, otherwise I wouldn’t announce it yet :slight_smile:


That is a fantastic news.

Do you consider offering this feature on a per DB level? This would allow mixed use-cases depending on the context of DB: one DB could be leveraging @Bernardo_V’s work on aliases, and the other DB could be used as a dedicated wiki-style Zettelkasten.

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This is awesome, Chris! Thanks!

It will remain a global preference.

Wow, I was JUST wondering this too and look, it’s coming! Amazing.

I see. If would give my +1 for per DB support.

Per database operations would require more underlying changes than you anticipate.

Excellent! Thanks!

This looks super-awesome!

Assuming that this Kourosh is, in fact, Kourosh Dini, I would love to know your thoughts on this change. I have been working through your latest book and while I love the automatic nature of Names & Aliases, I lamented the lack of ability to create new documents just while typing using the [[ ]] notation. BUT now we can suddenly do both. Can you think of a reason not to set using both as your new default?

Thanks! (Also working through your OF3 book, which I’m hoping you will update with OmniAutomation stuff at some point. AND while I’m inflating your ego, I sent your Being Productive course link to a close friend who liked it so much he has bought a copy for each of his adult children! I am now planning on doing that video course after the books based on his recommendation. :slight_smile: )

Hey @apoc527,

It’s me! Mario! I mean, Kourosh! Your comments warm the cockles of my heart.

I don’t know how it will go until I actually try it out, but so far as I can tell, I would jump to using both as a new default. I could see it as setting up two different types of connections as well as making it more easily integrated with other linking apps like Obsidian or nvAlt.

Yea, that is my thinking as well! Looking forward to playing with it!