Using Name vs. Comments?

I am just getting going scanning in from ScanSnap to DTPO. After reading a few threads about naming my PDFs, I started scanning in and trying to identify my receipts by date/vendor/product. Someone had mentioned changing the name, but I wouldn’t think that the name would be searched. What I’m doing is putting in my “name” into the Comment field. Is this a good idea, or am I going to regret it down the road. Is it better to change the names? One problem I’ll run into is I’ve found some duplicates like when I print out a receipt when I order something and then also get the actual receipt in the package. If I name then with date/vendor/product, they could end up with the same name.

Pros and Cons of using Comment field?

The comment field can get blown away if copy a file to the Finder and edit it.

The Name field is definitely searched, as long as you have “All” or “Name” specified in the search box.

So do you guys put long descriptive names in with spaces, dashes, commas, etc.?

Do you include .pdf in the name, or will that get appended to the file name on an export?

I put a reasonable length name. Spaces and dashes are certainly okay – I don’t use commas but I suspect if you export from DTP with an “illegal” name per the Finder it will come up with a legal name that’s close. And you don’t need to add .pdf… it will be done for you. The file is still a PDF behind the scenes – it’s just whether DTP is showing the extension in the name.

How about experimenting a bit on your side and seeing what happens? :smiley:

Thanks for the info… I did do some experimenting and also some research on file naming that’s OK. It seems that dash, comma, space, etc. are all OK with OSX file naming, but not good to put as the first or last character. I converted all my comments to the title field and all is well. Also tested dropping PDF and that works fine on export. I am just getting started with DTPO and wanted to ask the stupid questions to make sure I got off on the right note. I guess I was thinking that Title was actually changing the file name immediately, but its just changing data in the database it appears, so now it makes sense. I think this is going to work out to be a great solution. I am amazed at how well the OCR is working on the receipts I’ve scanned in. Searching is finding them without any problems… so the file naming is really secondary.