Using New DTTG Siri Shortcut functionality to do external editing in ios

So if I am thinking about this correctly, it would seem that we can now externally edit files in DTTG3 using the new DT Siri functions.

We are able to get the content of an item as a file and provide it to an application.

We are also able to update the content of an item from an external application.

I think this is all we need! Very exciting stuff. Looking forward to testing. :slight_smile:

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We hope the new Shortcut actions will be useful in a variety of ways, expanding the options within the limited automation capabilities of iOS.

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I will observe this topic if people show some examples or post their own shortcuts, so far I have only access to “copy link” and “Add to Omnifocus”.

I could open a markdown file in Ulysses but it involves going really deep into sharesheet.

There aren’t any built in Shortcuts with DEVONthink To Go. There are new Shortcut actions available in the Shortcuts app.

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Yes, I tried to use shortcut app to share content of my devonthink file either to ulysses or draft but I don’t know how to get the new content back, so I will wait for someone else to figure it :wink:

It could be nice idea to share some shortcuts as a blogpost in DevonianTimes, maybe with collaboration with other apps developers so they could wrote on their blogs to promote both DT and other apps

I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with the Siri Shortcuts yet, but I’m still plugging away at it. It’s just very difficult to debug, as the error messages are generally cryptic and the inputs/outputs for each Siri action are not well characterized. I’m sure someone will figure it out though!

Welcome to the very limited world of iOS automation :roll_eyes::blush:

Any way of passing the UUID of a document to Shortcuts?

It appears the UUID is shared with OmniFocus, but only the content of a document (without the UUID that is) appears to be shared if I review the content graph.

You can test this by:

  • creating a new Shortcut called TestContent
  • enable the Shortcut to be used in a share sheet
  • have the Shortcut accept all types
  • add a ‘content graph’
  • save the Shortcut
  • open DTTG3
  • open a PDF
  • click the share button of that PDF
  • click the Shortcut called ‘TestContent’ in the share sheet

The content graph should then be displayed as a spanning tree. The PDF content is visible, but the UUID does not seem to be available as a URL for example. That’s a shame as it could seriously boost the usability of Shortcuts imo.

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Here is a nice example of shortcut updated to DT3 (although there is a need to edit one of shortcuts to work) DEVONsave v3: A shortcut to help you clip articles to clean PDFs in DEVONthink To Go 3 (and DEVONthink 3) - Axle

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I’ve got some experience with Shortcuts. Could you describe you intended workflow? I.e. what do you envision the Shortcut does for you?

@BLUEFROG: any chance of taking a look at my UUID question above?

This is fantastic. It makes beautiful-looking clippings. It looks like an html file, not a PDF though (not complaining—I prefer html and Markdown for their smaller file sizes).

When you sync it with DT on mac it should convert to PDF, conversion on iOS is much harder to do

I like it as HTML. But PDF is great too. If I want to add more destinations (other than inbox) after the initial run, do I just put the names in the appropriate dictionary step?

And thanks for these great shortcuts!

Here is the post of the author

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Here is the explanation what to do on DT on Mac to convert

I’m also trying to work this out, when I share a document from DTTG to my shortcut I can find links IN the document but not the devonthink link OF the document. I must be missing something obvious here.

(Update: better thread here: No UUID passed on to Shortcuts? - #3 by Solar-Glare)