Using Online Data Backup Crashplan To Backup Databases?

Is there any problem using an online data backup such as Crashplan for multiple DEVONthink databases? I’m particularly interested in potential problems when backing up an open database.

I am asking this question because it came up when reviewing backup options for an electronic medical records program. Using incremental online backup services is discouraged because running the backup while the database is open can corrupt the backup copy. (The EMR company offers its own online backup service which supposedly mitigates the problem. Unfortunately, it costs quite a bit more than its online competitors…)

I also use CrashPlan (with live backups) and was wondering the same thing. The closest I came to an answer was on CrashPlan’s site at the following link: … -databases

Not sure if that is entirely relevant, but I offer it for what it is worth…

I don’t see a big difference between an online backup service and an incremental backup to an attached hard drive, like Time Machine does it. If the database can be backed up uncorruptedly while open (and restored later), this will be true for online as well as offline. If it can’t - same.

If you want to be very sure you might consider quitting DT before making your final backup for the day, so you always have a copy of the closed database.