Using Pro & Pro Office

I’m wondering what happens if I download Pro Office to try it out. Presumably, my existing database will open as usual. If I then don’t purchase the upgrade (however much that costs) during the evaluation period, and go back to Pro without Office, are any problems likely to ensue?

One more thing: Can I buy any model of ScanSnap to work with DT Pro Office?

Incidentally, I’d like you guys to know that I’m very excited about this new addition to the line, and will almost certainly be buying it as well as a ScanSnap. It’s just a question of timing.


The “core” of DT Pro Office is the same as DT Pro. So databases are interchangeable.

ScanSnap models include PC and Mac versions. Fujitsu recently introduced a second, newer model in its line of Mac ScanSnaps. But it’s my understanding that the Mac drivers can work with recent PC models.

I think Devon should sell the ScanSnaps here on their Web site.

I’ve bought three of them because of your software. You should get a cut of the revenue!

(I’m actually serious, by the way. If nothing else, set up an Amazon Affiliates account and scatter clickable pictures of the ScanSnap models around the website… that costs you nothing but ten minutes of your time, and you would get paid $12 per scanner sold!)