Using Quick Move / Quick Go To too quickly causes first characters to disappear

When hitting CMD-CTRL-M (quick move) or CMD-CTRL-G (quick go to), there is a very slight delay before typing is possible which causes the first or second character of what I enter to vanish

For example:

  • CMD-CTRL-M → start typing “hello”
  • Box pops up “h” is typed (first character)
  • UI selects the text field and all content that is written so far
  • “ello” overwrites the “h” (because it’s selected)
  • query can’t match what I’m looking for because the first character is missing

When trying to quickly move documents or navigate to groups this becomes very annoying, especially because the matcher doesn’t do any fuzzy matching, so if the first character is missing it just won’t find what I want to find

Here’s what I mean: Trying to type “inbox”


The only solution I could find was to wait roughly a second before typing

That is the correct thing to do at this point.

The next release will fix this.