Using Scansnap

I’m a new DT user and struggling a bit with how to scan documents to get a PDF AND text.

The machine is connected and set in DT to be the default app. I can get a pdf, but not the ocr - as far as I can see.


Check SnanSnap Manager’s Settings. If DT Pro is not set as the application, set it to receive scans.

Select a PDF that has been scanned, OCR’d and saved to your database. Now open its Info panel and look at the Kind field. If it says PDF +Text it now contains searchable text, and that’s the desired result of OCR.

I’ll go and try that tonight. Hectic week, I’ve done no learning at all this week.


… that the document is marked as PDF (only PDF). Is there something in the scan settings that I need to do to have it do both? Is OCR built in to DT or do I need a separate package?


OCR is built into DT Pro Office, but not into DT Pro.

See the feature comparisons at

I have DT Prof Office.

I have just had another play and made it work. Not sure what I did last time.

Thanks for the help…