Using .skim files for notes

I am still trying to understand the best way to take notes on pdf files and have them be accessible in DevonThink. I have read many of the posts here (tho not all of them), and I still have 2 questions

  1. The font shown in .skim files is weird! This was mentioned here, but I can’t find a resolution. This is what skim notes look like on my computer:

Screen shot 2010-01-12 at 8.43.29 AM.png

Any solutions known?

  1. Has Bill DeVille (or anyone else) ever written down a “best practices” document for making notes on .pdf files? I would love to see someone else’s complete solution before I design my own.


It’s the Skim quicklook definition. Not something DT can control or change. (.skim files are XML and those so inclined could write a transform for it – very painful :frowning: ) To get better looking output, use Export in Skim and chose to export Notes as Text, or Notes as RTF, etc.

Thank you, korm, your answer explains many of my confusions.

I also found this annoying and mailed to the Skim developers. The QuickLook Plugin of Skim is the reason for that. The source code was changed

, so in future versions this should be solved.