Using spell checker to create date/time shortcut

I just found an interesting description of Dt and was struck by the phrase:

"I also use a Spell Catcher shortcut to enter the date and time in the file title, in the format YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM:

2003-11-06-15-07 MLK Requested New FTP Account to be Established

How is this done?

I think they were probably referring to the application called Spell Catcher, which I actually use a lot as well.

Spell Catcher not only allows you to access dictionaries and thesauri for a number of different languages from any application, but it also allows you to define all kinds of abbreviations for text. These include text strings that you define yourself as well as dates and times.

I’ve found that it works very well with DT (and almost everything else). It required some tweaking when I set it up, but it saves me lots of time everyday. Check it out: