Using standard text editing shortcuts

In other apps that use the built-in Mac text-editing engine (TextEdit most obviously) certain keyboard shortcuts are standard. Specifically, I am thinking about option-tab to create a bulleted list. This works in TextEdit and Scrivener and Stickies and Journler and VoodooPad and OmniOutliner: it seems to be a part of the package from Apple.

Why doesn’t it work in DEVONthink? I can’t seem to figure out what exactly alt-tab does in DEVONthink: the cursor changes to a plus-sign and then, nothing. And I don’t see anything in the menus, either.

I know that I can create a bulleted list by 1) showing the ruler, 2) selecting from the pull-down menu. The keyboard shortcut is faster.

I find that keyboard shortcut very, very useful, and I’d really like to use it in DT. Is there either a way to enable it, or at least an explanation for why it doesn’t work?

Option-Tab is used to move the focus (e.g. from left pane to upper/right pane to document and back to left pane) in main windows. Therefore just open the document in its own window.


I too would like to see a keyboard shortcut for an instant bullet list. In the meantime I went to the keyboard shortcut preferences in OSX and added an entry for DEVONthink for menu item “List…” and assigned it to ctrl+cmd+o. Works fine for me though I’d like an “instant” one (like textedit’s opt-tab) where it didn’t pop out the little options.


I like DT very much. But if some small improvements can be made to the editor to make outlining easier, the program would be so much more useful.


In tweaking my own editing environment, I found that System Preferences would recognize the particular bullet that I favour (namely, the larger round dot) as a Menu Title.

So, after typing Command-8 in the Menu Title field of the Add Keyboard Shortcut drop-down dialogue – or whichever bullet you want, so long as it’s in the pull-down menu of the (stupid :wink: ) in-built cocoa text editor – and adding a Keyboard Shortcut to my liking, I get the sort of instant bulleting you seem to want.

BTW. If you add any such shortcut for All Applications (rather than to DT alone), the shortcut is instantly available in all apps with the cocoa editor (barring conflicts). In my case, I’ve a set of consistent editing commands available across DT, Bean, WriteRoom, Scrivener, Sticky Notes (different from Stickies --though I guess there must be some way to access the Ruler there too), and TextEdit, all done through a single set of entries in System Preferences.