Using Suggest classification with Search results

[Using DTPro 1.5.4 still!]
Rather than relying on auto-classification of items snipped into DTPro, I have them go into a folder called “Inbox” (because the classification while snipping doesn’t work as well as I’d like–I probably need to work on my folders!). Since I am an active gatherer of items, this box now has 1900 items in it. Many, of course, fall into some main area of interest.

Rather than go through the Inbox item by item using the excellent Classify feature, I thought I’d use Search on the Inbox for a particular general topic, then use Classify just on the results, to sort them into the subfolders in the main area folder. (In some cases, I can also use command-click to gather together groups that I can see go into a certain sub-folder, and then Move them using the contextual menu. That speeds things up.)

But the Classify feature itself is not available in the search results window.

The workaround I’m using is to move all the found items into an ad hoc folder, then use Classify on them in that folder.

The other option I can see would be to use auto-classify, then remember to view my items in the History window periodically to review recently auto-classified things and change them to new locations if needed.

How do others handle this sort of thing?

Is it possible that DTPro might add the Classify feature to the Search window sometime?

You could use the toolbar search instead, the results support See Also/Classify.

Thank you, Christian. Yes, that does work, but what I was trying to do was work through 1900 items in my Inbox folder. If I search using the toolbar search feature then my results will include items from all other folders as well, making the process a bit slower.

Assuming that the Inbox is selected, then just enable the option “In Selection” in the popup menu of the toolbar search. Afterwards the results shouldn’t include additional folders anymore.