Using sync with Google Drive?

Despite looking into the manual/help and in the forum, I haven’t been able to find out if there’s a way to use google drive to sync the devonthink databases in the same way that sync handles dropbox (like a direct sync without having to use a intermediary local sync store in the google drive folder).
It might be worth noting that my preference for google drive is only related to pricing, not principle.
Does anyone know if I’m wrong or, more generally, what is the best way to use google drive with devonthink sync?

You can’t use Google Drive, except for with a local Sync Store. There is no specific support for it, nor do they offer a WebDAV option. (This applies to OneDrive as well.)

Hi! Is it possible to sync to a local folder using which then gets synced using the Google File Drive Stream app on Catalina? Thanks!

This is possible but would be limited to Macs, such a local sync store is not supported on iOS.