Using TAB-key in "...via Clip to DEVONthink"

Hi there!
Happy new year to everyone!

I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong or if it’s a “bug” that prevents me from going further to the next input field with the TAB-key when I am currently in the “Note”-field.

This is when clipping data (i. e. a website) from DA via the “…via Clip to DEVONthink”-button.

What I think is convenient is to swap between fields by the tab-key
vs. pressing the alt-keyfor entering a “real tab-input”…

At the moment I need to grab my mouse and click into my tags-field in order to input tags of my choice. This might appear a not so important little thing but if you tag a lot of data, this is quite annoying…

Any Ideas? Can I change anything in the settings?
I couldn’t find anything…

Kind regards from Lisbon…


As the Tab key is often used by many views/fields on its own (e.g. web views or text views), Ctrl-Tab and Shift-Ctrl-Tab can be used in most panels/windows of DEVONthink.

Thanks for the reply.

I still don’t get why in a dialog the tab-key could not be used like a “normal” tab key.
Independently from the other uses of that key. What does it have to do with each other?

DA “knows” when there is a dialog open, so just change the functionality to a normal tab-key when in the dialog…

There are certain things one has learned and one does when working fast and efficiently.
Everything with its own proprietary function interrupts the workflow.

I’m sure you would not use COMMAND-S for switching to fullscreen or something similar…

Regards from Lisbon

Notes are text views and therefore it’s possible to use tabs & line breaks in the entered note.