Using tabs

I use the 3 Panes View and usually have up to 5 tabs open. Just like on a web browser I find tabs very useful.

It would be nice if DT showed the parent Group in the upper pane when selecting a note on a tab. I quite often work on unrelated topics using a tab for each one. Quite often I need to refer to another note within the same group, but the upper pane shows notes from a previous unrelated tab.

My work would be so much more productive if the associated group was displayed in the upper pane as I selected different tabs.

Thanks for the suggestion! One workaround might be to Cmd-click on the window title and to select the document in the popup menu to reveal it.

Thank you for this suggestion, Christian. It never occurred to me to use tabs in a standalone document window. I will use this approach.

But I have a question about tabs in the three-pane view. (This may be the same as the above remark.) I use three-pane view. On the left pane are groups, on the top-right pane are a list of documents, and the bottom-right pane is the selected document. I open multiple tabs of documents in the bottom-right pane. But as I switch between documents (sometime located in different groups), the top-right and the left panes remain static (aligned with the last document I tabbed-open in the bottom-right pane). Now my question: is there a way for me to get the top-right and left panes to adjust to the tabbed document that I happen to be viewing at the moment?

I see that you answered this question for tabbed documents opened in a separate window. But what about tabbed documents within the three-pane view?

Thank you!

One additional trick that might help you: when working in the document window (e.g., the bottom right pane in the 3 pane view), you can always press Cmd-R to reveal the document in the left and top panes.

This requires a shortcut, but it does help to quickly make the top and left panes match the document (whether in a tab or not) you are working on.

Eeljen, this is super helpful. Thank you!