Using the Sorter with DT2

I have four main databases and I have a folder entitled dropbox in each one of the databases that in the past, I’ve always used to simply drop files into for temporary storage until I could get back to it later to file these documents in their proper location…

In DT2, and the addition of an ‘inbox’, I am considering using the ‘inbox’ (instead of my user-created ‘Dropbox’ folder) as a place to store documents temporarily until I can get back to them for proper sorting later…I’d like ot be able to use the inbox with the sorter functionality but the problem is that with 4 main databases each with an “inbox” if I were to simply add the "inbox of each database to the sorter, I would have four items entitled ‘inbox’ with no way to distinguish between them…

Is it OK to rename the inbox to something like 'Financial Inbox" or “Technical Inbox” and then add these inboxes with these new identifiable names to the sorter, or will renaming them screw things up?

Please advise…Thanks!

This is one of those “try it and see what happens” things. But it’s probably a good idea to work with test databases, or copies of real databases (DON’T make such copies while the database is open!).

What’s the worst thing that could happen? The database and the Sorter could be screwed up. But the Sorter can be hidden/quit and its .plist file in user library preferences deleted, to restore it to unblemished state, and a test database would be no loss.

But this experiment should work without any blowups. :slight_smile:

So you’re saying that, as far as you know, renaming the “Inbox” won’t mess anything up…correct?

I’m working with 10 databases right now. I’ve renamed each inbox and added it to the Sorter. So far, no problems at all.

If you hover the mouse over one of several “inbox” entries in the sorter, a hint window opens and tells you which database the inbox refers to. Better than nothing.