using the topics list

after running a search i have the list of pages returned (or digest), and on the left i have a list of topics culled from the returned results. when i click on a topic the displayed results are summarized and redrawn and now they are not as, well, summarized as before. it’s almost like now i’m getting the full text of the link or something.

can someone explain to me what is actually happening when i click on a topic in that list? what does it do and how can i most effectively use this functionality?

by the way, many thanks to Bill for posting about the archive filter on a different thread. i had no idea that’s what that did. very powerful.

Admins? can you answer this?

been playing with it but still not sure what is happening when i select a topic. user doc doesn’t tell me anything useful. would love to get some insights from the developers if they care to comment.


I think you are talking about DAgent here. It should be obvious: DA lists all relevant pages with adress until the search is finished, then it checks the relevant pages for kezwords and forms a ranking of keywords. Each keyword has a ranking of related sites. This is why the selection of sites changes as soon as one clicks on another keyword.


Maria, yes, Devon Agent. That’s why I posted in Tips and Tricks under the Devon Agent section.

I don’t know what “each keyword has a ranking of related sites” means. Sorry, but that isn’t “obvious” to me though according to you it should be.

What is obvious to me is that DA is creating a relationship between the keywords and the pages, but I’m not sure upon what that relationship is based. Is DA simply doing a count of how many times each keyword is listed on a certain page, then re-ordering the digest to display the sites in order by count? Or is it by inferred relevance? Some other variable?

Perhaps what it’s doing here “should be obvious” to everyone else, but I’d like some clarification on exactly what i’m looking at and what it means.

Yes I agree, it would be useful to know more precisely on what this keyword “ranking” is based.

It took me awhile to figure out (when viewing the digest page) how to get back to my original/initial digest summary after I’d click on one of the summary keywords to the left of the digest. Turns out that just clicking in the empty space under those keywords returns one to the original digest summary. :bulb: Very useful! Perhaps there’s another navigation method for doing this that someone would like to share?