Using Transporter Sync External Drive for Databases

This is somewhat similar to some other discussions in the past, especially for Dropbox use, but I wanted to get some feedback. I use Transporter Syncs and have one set up at home and one at work and they mirror each other so I have two copies of everything on their attached 2 GB disks.

I use DTPO on a MBPro at work and on the road and on a new MacMini at home. My routine is to shutdown all programs and turnoff the computers when I am done using them. I.e. when i leave work or home.

So, in theory, and in practice so far, programs [including DTPO] are never open simultaneously on both computers.

Versioning is also turned on in the Transport software. [unlimited until space runs out]

What are drawbacks to using this setup since my experience with DTPO sync is bugging and time consuming and I would like to use the Transporter Sync setup and wait until a new DTPO sync version is out.