Using web server wrong or just running into its limitations?

Hi all!

I’m an art historian and have been using DT Pro for my personal research for about two years now–I can’t imagine organizing sources any other way. Recently I joined a small research institute within a major US art museum and through conversations with colleagues, realized that setting up a web server would be an amazing way to organize data for forthcoming publications. We’ve just set up the server and are finding our way around the web server, largely pleased.

I know the web server lacks the full Pro functions of the main server; nevertheless I would appreciate confirmation that the issues I’ve encountered are in built limitations and not user error:

  • I’ve set up the central server to automatically OCR PDFs. Should this rule extend to files added to the server from web server? Currently I’m finding that PDFs added to databases from web server are only searchable if they were already.
  • An indispensable Pro feature is in-text search that takes me right to the page on which a search term appears. Am I right that search on the web server does not have this capacity?
  • I can’t seem to attach annotations to PDFs from web server, nor highlight text within PDFs

Any advice you all might have would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

A screenshot of your current rule would be useful.