Using Yoink with DT3?

I’ve using Yoink gladly, and I’ve seen that Yoink has been featured several times in Devonian Times.
But I just recognized that using Yoink with DT3 can be tricky at times.

What I mean by that is that, when you drag an item from DT3 to Yoink (then, the item is now on Yoink), and then you drag the item from Yoink to other places like a folder in the Finder, Yoink will move the item from the DT’s database folder to that new destination, which causing a “missed item” error.
So I accidentally missed some items in DT3.

I just supposed that Yoink would copy the item to the new destination, not move it from its database where it used to belong to.

Any opinion on this? And any walkaround to avoid this?

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Yes, Matthias Gansrigler is a super nice guy, great developer, and makes really nice utilities.

I just supposed that Yoink would copy the item to the new destination, not move it from its database where it used to belong to.

It’s not good to make such suppositions without following up with testing. :slight_smile:
No, there is no workaround for this but perhaps he could implement a copy mechanism.

I emailed him to let him know of the issue.

Thanks, Jim,

It’s not good to make such suppositions without following up with testing. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re totally right. :slight_smile: I just thought that it would be like dragging a DT3 item to the desktop. And thanks for sending him an email.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @juseong & @BLUEFROG, to avoid deletion from DT database, please hold option key ( ⌥ ) when dragging to Yoink window.


Even if I put the file in the trash afterwards, it remains in the DT database.


Thanks for the information. It’s very appreciated.

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Thanks! It’s really helpful.

But now I’m confused, because now it seems that, regardless of whether I hold the option key or not, Yoink doesn’t move an item from DT3’s database, but copy it, so the deletion from DT3 database no longer occurs. So, I’m wondering if there’s any condition that regulates this behavior. Otherwise, I can’t make sense of what’s going on.

I have used Yoink for a long time and never had a file disappear from DEVONthink.

For me it has always dragged a copy - just the same as dragging a file from DEVONthink to the desktop.

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Off-topic, but it in your video I am seeing that swiping from left to right om the trackpad is generating handy pop-ups under the mouse pointer. Could you tell me which application is making this possible?

An on-topic: my experience with Yoink and DT3 is the same as described by peter999; never had a problem.


Glad to hear it. I have talked to Matthias and discussed putting a little tweak to ensure it doesn’t remove the files.

@juseong : Are you indexing files and you dragged an indexed file from DEVONthink to Yoink?

No, they were all imported items.

Thanks for the clarification!
Let’s see where things go on Yoink’s side.

Thanks, Jim! I will then be able to use DT3 and Yoink together more confidently.

Indeed and you’re welcome!

One quick question. Is it totally fine to move DT3 items via Yoink? For example, moving items within a database or cross-database.

Hi @MaSp the pop-ups / macro palette are created with Keyboard Maestro. I then call these with mouse or Magic Trackpad gestures via BetterTouchTool.
So I save myself the remember and create too many shortcuts :wink:

Here is a video about my Yoink workflow, which I created for another user:

Here is an example of how I create screenshots with a comment in a DT note. Also all created via Keyboard Maestro:

If you only work with the keyboard, you can also call the pop-ups / macro palette with a shortcut.
Yes, only with a shortcut. The individual KM macros are then triggered by entering the first letter.

Many thanks! I will have a good look at it. I actually installed KM last week (still trying out) and I have Alfred and Yoink running. I will check Better Touch Tool as well.

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@MaSp a good decision for a productive workflow on the Mac :wink:

I use the app Launchbar 6 instead of Alfred. Here is an example how I call my Boxcryptor Autofill Login (with 1Password) with the KM macro own AppleScript via Launchbar 6.

… again saved a shortcut :wink:

This should also be possible with Alfred.

Here is also an example of how you can open a KM macro palette with only one shortcut and then trigger an action with the initial letter (here Q):


If you have any questions about BetterTouchTool or also Keyboard Maestro or also want to have a workflow / KM macro, please contact me via the Keyboard Maestro forum ( Nickname: @appleianer).

Thank you. I have been using Launchbar 6 for many many years and really like the application. However, I prefer some functionality from Alfred next to Launchbar. I have zero knowledge of Apple Script so I can’t write handy scripts myself.

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@MaSp ditto :wink:

If you have created your macro / workflow in Keyboard Maestro, then you then have the free choice of scripts with which you can call / trigger the macro.

Copy, as in this example, the AppleScript in Alfred and… voilà