"UUID already in database" resolved in DTTG 2.6.3?

Just a quick question about the “UUID already in database” issue:

Is this resolved in DTTG’s new release 2.6.3? I’m asking because we were advised to disabling automatic sync until it is fixed.

We have no seen any issues here. Let us know if you do.



this is an old topic but now I noticed I have the same issue concerning my latest documents.
I’m using DTTG 2.7.1 and DT 2.11.3.

Why is this happening / what ist the background? Can I just delete the document in my inbox or are there any other data integrity problems I should take care of ?


I haven’t had the issue in months - but before when I had the problem I just checked that I really had the document in some group if my database and the deleted one in the Inbox.