V. frequent crashes during import, trashing db.

I have been trying to use the demo version to catalog lots of open source projects (with java, xml, html, images, the odd binary file, pdf’s, etc).  It seeems to work alright if I do small imports and exit / relaunch the program frequently … taking my entire database with it in every case…

I is cool when it is working, but that hasn’t been all that often for me unfortunately.  I had to give up on it after 4-5 lost databases.

More info…

I’m using 1.6a and the last time I tried verify & repair after a crash I got the following message:

"Found 16198937 inconsistencies and 0 incorrect checksums."

16 million inconsistencies with 0 incorrect checksums?  I have no idea what to make of this message, but it doesn’t sound good and of course all my data is gone.

Only few contents have checksums, e.g. images/PDF documents copied into the database or thumbnails. In addition there are some rare bugs in v1.6 (especially but not only related to HTML/XML import). Version 1.7 will be out within the next few days and fixes those bugs.