v1.9a crashing - I'm going back to 1.9

I began evaluating DEVONthink (Dt) in my spare time about a week ago, using v1.9. Everything was going fairly good (with the exception of changes in text files, launched from within Dt, in an external browser, were lost upon save), but tonight after updating to 1.9a, I found the program crashing whenever I tried to index a folder of images (in case it matters, the folder contained about 560+ images, with an avg. resolution of 1280x1024).

I really like Dt, but the crashes definately aren’t cool! Can I presume that crashing while indexing a moderately small amount of images is not one of 1.9a’s new features? :wink:

Could you send us a crash log (see folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) and maybe some example files causing DT to crash? In addition, is there anything logged to the system console?

BUT: Using V1.9 is definitely not recommended and the problem described by you can’t be related to V1.9a.