V3 - View database inbox in central pane

Hello DevonTEch,

Thank you for a brilliant update to the DEVONthink application. It will take time to get used to all the enhancements and changes, however there is a sticking point for me.

Before in Version 2, each database specific inbox appeared alongside the child groups.

However, now with V3, I cannot see the database inbox and tags. I have searched the help documentation and settings, and don’t see a way to enable vit.

I understand this may be a design philosophy change, but I think the option to show the inboxes should at least be a selectable option. I don’t usually like opening multiple windows, and being able to drag files directly in one pane from the inbox to it’s appropriate group is a very handy thing. Thank you!

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This is a screenshot from Version 2, with inbox and tags showing up.

Agree with @groovytwo

I always close left sidebar and only open single database pane. In DEVONthink V3 I cloud not find inbox in the pane.

That’s correct. All inboxes and Tags groups are now always found in the sidebar.

Welcome @groovytwo and @xhinking

This is also covered in the documentation under Windows > Sidebar: Navigate.