Validating Expired Passwords

I restarted Panther this morning, and DT told me that my password was out of date … then it created an email that I then sent off to DT corporate to get a new one.

I can understand why you might want to use an “expiring password” scheme, but since I’ve already restarted three times today, I’m getting a bit annoyed at having to wait while DT politely ignores me for not having a license.

FYI - here is the support URL of a company that has their password validator installed online at their website. The process is still somewhat cumbersome, but at least the new password is provided instantly.

U&I Software (Artmatic, Metasynth) … pport.html

Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely revise this in one of the next major revision (v1.8 or v2.0).

By the way - If you keep a backup of the file “com.devon-technologies.think.registration.plist” (like the registration feedback alert suggests), then you’ll never need a new code.