Vanishing Sidebar

My left sidebar in DEVONthink sometimes disappears for no reason. This is not a major problem , but it is annoying. I can immediately reopen it from the toolbar icon or Go>Workspaces I have four Workspace configurations for different purposes.
Does anyone have an explanation and a solution?

When exactly does this happen?

It happens randomly, and not every time I use DEVONthink. That is why I cannot see an obvious reason and find a solution. When I am simply reading something in DEVONthink, but not entering anything, the sidebar can just disappear. Some days it will not happen. Other days it will happen multiple times. It is a purely random phenomenon. I use a lot of smart rules, but none change the workspace or do anything that would explain the vanishing sidebar. In every other aspect, DEVONthink is performing perfectly.

The sidebar on the left or the inspectors on the right actually? A screen recording showing the issue would be great.

The sidebar on the left.
The inspector on the right remains open and has never closed “automatically”.
I cannot take a screen recording because I do not know when it will happen.
Please imagine that DEVONThink is open and you are looking at it but not touching the keyboard or mouse/trackpad. Then, for no reason, the left sidebar disappears/closes. That is what is happening.
It has happened twice this morning, but did not happen at all yesterday or the day before. The “vanishing sidebar” is purely random.

The only features of DEVONthink that hide the sidebar are actually the menu/toolbar items & their shortcuts but only on demand. Which version of DEVONthink/macOS do you use?

Latest Version 3.9.2.
My main computer is an iMac, but I sync DEVONthink with my older MacBook and iPad. I only use my MacBook when away from home. I have not seen the DEVONthink sidebar disappear on the MacBook, but that may be because I only use it occasionally. Or, it could indicate it is an iMac specific problem.
It is not causing me serious problems, but I would like to understand why it happens and how I can prevent it.

And the macOS version? Does this still happen after booting in safe mode (or disabling all third-party tools like Bartender, Keyboard Maestro etc.)?

Mac Version 13.4.1.
I have not tried rebooting in Safe Mode. Everything else in DEVONthink, and in all other apps, is working perfectly. The vanishing sidebar is not a major issue for me. It is only a mystery, so I have not wanted to spend time doing diagnostics or making changes that could have unforeseen consequences.
I do use Bartender, but have not tested Devonthink when running without it.
I have other utilities such as hazel, keyboard maestro, pop clip, and default finder X, but I use them frequently so have not disabled them.

My understanding, weak as it maybe is, is that the boot process into macOS Safe Mode does some work to clean up and repair things. Details not known to me, but as it’s an easy thing to do and surely is not a risk to do, give it a try.

Have you installed our Toggle Sidebar script and possible added a shortcut to it?

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Ahah!!! It looks like I have. I have probably installed more extras than I use so will double check. Thank you. I had forgotten about this.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
If you hadn’t installed it, you’d have been reporting quite troubling behavior!

Thank you for posting this out. I have now removed it and will monitor what happens. How is sidebar toggle supposed to work?

I installed most of the add-ins when I first bought DEVONThink, without really knowing their purpose. I expected to find out as my use increased. I will go through the extras I have installed and remove those I do not use.

It completely toggles the sidebar on or off instead of having to press the same shortcut again. For example, you can toggle the Navigate sidebar on with a shortcut, then press the same shortcut to toggle it off. But pressing the shortcut for the Reading List would just switch to that sidebar. When a shortcut is added for the Toggle Sidebar script, you can universally toggle the sidebar with one shortcut.

Thank you! Mystery solved! I am still relatively new to Devonthink, but it is doing everything I need. I am sure I can get even more value from it but will have to research and understand before I add something new.

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My pleasure - enjoy! :smiley: