I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. Why no list options for notes in DTG?
  2. Not only are there no keyboard shortcuts for text formatting options, but if I press to select a word, in the resulting “losenge” formatting options require yet another press? That seems completely non-standard.
  3. How about an option to display some of the text of a note in the note list?

There are no list options (yet) as the RTF editor we’re using doesn’t offer them out of the box. However, Better text editing features are high on our to-do list.

There are formatting options (on iPad) under the “T” button next to the word suggestions. The options in the black edition menu is where Apple puts them, e.g. in Mail.

We don’t display some of the text in the item list as we try to treat screen real estate carefully. In the “details” mode we already squeeze a lot of additional info below the items.

Does iOS offer an RTF editor?

A free option to use for editing rtf, rtfd on iOS is documents by readdle it supports setting the fonts etc. I don’t think iOS has native support.

Correct. RTF(D) is not a mobile-native (nor friendly) format.

No, the Mac has the TextEdit engine, iOS has a very limited subset but no real RTF/RTFD editor like the Mac. For Apple, RTF is a legacy format.

I’ve realized that I’m not sure why this discussion has veered onto the topic of rtf.

What format is used by DTP for “Formatted Note”?

Can “Formatted Notes” handle list formatting?

Formatted notes are based on HTML and so can, in theory, handle lists. We will give the rich text/formatted note editor some deserved love in one of the next releases.