Various bugs/issues

Hello, here’s a list of bugs/issues I’ve encountered in the release version of DT3 (DEVONthink 3 3.0, macOS 10.14.6 (Intel)):

  • groups keeps “condensing back" (for example when switching to reading list and coming back, or after performing a search…). For me it is very important that the groups that I expand/condense stay as I let them, even after restarting the app (and DT2 was great for this)
  • DT crashes when “developing" all groups of my db at once, either by right click/develop or by option/click on the arrow (after 20 minutes of mouse wheel) — my db has about 500 groups
  • white flash when switching between the “extras” (especially in dark mode). At the time of sending this email I wanted to check again but all the extras were empty/showing no content in the viewpane (another bug?), but it was still flashing when switching from one extra of the list to the others
  • it seems that they’re no button or keyboard shortcut for adding to reading list, which makes it definitely less usable
  • the dt menu extension (not sure what is its name) shows “DEVONthink" in full and in bold (which takes too much space and is way too visible) instead of an icon
  • when performing a search in the same menu extension, only groups shows up. If it is the desired behaviour I do not understand it, and personnaly I’d love to have a quick search window like this one that could allow me to quickly find a document without going to the main DT window (including by having a system-wide keyboard shortcut)
  • It seems that DT3 loss of ability to select multiple groups at once in lateral menu (and show their merged content in the list view)
  • some menus were not translated into french (and there is a mistake in the one in the help menu I’ve was about to use to send this feedback before choosing to out it in the forum — it should be “contactez-nous” instead of “contacter nous”)
  • there’s IMHO a behaviour issue with the choices of formats in the web clipper (which is also only half translated): when the “clutter-free” option is selected, then I can not choose, for example, “bookmark”, so I then have to uncheck “clutter-free” and then choose it. Why not just grey out the “clutter-free”option to show that it won’t work when I selec bookmarks instead of greying out the clipping formats? Personaly I always to use the clutter-free option when the format allows it, so making me have to unselect/reselect it every time I change the format seems really a loss of clicks/time
  • also a last request: when viewing pdfs in my opinion it is absolutely necessary to have the option to see the thumbnails all the time in the same preview window. having to look for them in the sidebar as well as having to renounce seeing the properties of the file if one wants to see the thumbnails is not workable for me.

Is the option to automatically expand the sidebar enabled, see Preferences > General? Then disabling it should fix this.

What exactly do mean with “developing”? A screenshot might be helpful or send the crash log to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks.

You could define your own shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard.

This can be changed in Preferences > Sorter.

This is intentional currently, this tab of the Sorter is basically only for adding stuff via drag & drop.

This is planned for future releases.

This is a known issue, the French localization hasn’t been updated yet.

I’ll forward this.

Thank you for your extremely fast response!

It was enabled and indeed disabling it seem to have fixed the issue, although I don’t really see the relation

Sorry “developping” might be a wrong translation, I guess it is more “expanding” (= “click on the arrow”, or the opposite of “condensing”), but when doing option(alt)+click it should expand all the subgroups as well, and in this case DT become frozen for a very long time until it crashes. I’ll see if I find a log

great, thanks! (but a button could be nice as well)

Oh that’s THE sorter, my bad, that explains a lot. Although it could still be nice to use it to make a search in DT (I guess I’m thinking about smthg similar to devonsphere, which in fact already exist…) And what do you recommand/use for instant search in DT from anywhere else? spotlight?

my db has about 500 groups

Expanding 500+ groups and subgroups will definitely be an intensive process.

PS: DEVONsphere Express can search for documents in DEVONthink 3.