Various Problems with DTPO 2

Is there a date on the horizon for DTPO final version?

A few problems are starting to niggle me with the beta.

  1. I frequently get a warning that a database is already in use, when it is not.

  2. I have had a couple of unexpected quits, and found to my horror that notes I have been writing did not save in the actual database. I had to go and retrieve them from the cache, a very time-consuming operation, and not satisfactory since all the text was run together without punctuation.

  3. I desperately want a menu key to show or hide the sorter from the finder. It is far too cumbersome to fire up DTPO and go into preferences.

  4. How long to we have to wait for the column size of all active databases (to right of Globals) to remain constant? I asked about this months ago and still nothing has changed despite there being an update.


Not possible I’m afraid. But you don’t need to go to the preferences:

  1. There is the DTP(O) Dock menu
  2. There is the Sorter action menu

The text of this alert will be revised as it’s actually now a “database is in use or has not been not closed properly” warning.

So I take it there’s no end in sight to beta… :confused: