various requests

Hi all!
I’m a very recent user of both DT pro and DA. Really amazed at the possibilities of both programs, which naturally I’m just discovering. Hve some questions, suggestions, etc. but decided post them all together in this subforum; blame it my laziness.

  • in full screen mode, plain text doesn’t show the cursor. this normal?

  • when copying from one db to another, a file is created in the ad hoc folder named “DEVONtech_storage”. I’m just deleting it after re-importing files. Again, guess this standard.

  • tried to import couple of excel files, both with formulas. when converting to tab delimited or csv excel shows the message "… may contain features that are not compatible with text (or csv). guess again this one of the limitations mentioned in help? really simple excel files with formulas included.

  • hot service not wkng in intel mac, guess this covered already somewhere else in forum. wud appreciate soonest remake to binary! tks


  • wud be nice if dt pro included a contextual menu plugin (as da) to be able to copy files by just control clicking

  • when use the services menu but hve more than one db, can only apply services options to the db defined as default. cud this limitation be overcome? tks

  • forum is a great soruce for info. wish it were searchable!

  • is there a way to hve scripts in the menu bar? quicker than opening the menu, etc.

sorry for lengthy post.
tks in advance,


That file contains DT Pro’s metadata, e.g. group location of documents. After importing an exported folder, you can delete the exported folder – unless you capture its contents using Index, in which case don’t delete it.

Really simple doesn’t count – a formula won’t survive the conversion to text. :slight_smile:

Conversion to UB is planned.

See what happens if you are in DT Pro, select some text and Control-click. DT Pro has a variety of contextual menu options that, not surprisingly, vary by context.

Not now – and Services might not be the best approach down the line.

It is only crudely searchable. And as it goes back to 2003 and the applications have evolved continuously, old posts may not be useful on some topics. But if you want to, you can even download the whole thing into a DT Pro database. :slight_smile:

You mean a bunch of individual scripts at the top level of the menu bar? Probably not a good idea, as there are so many DT Pro scripts that people use. Even my 24-inch screen doesn’t have enough space for that. And it’s a neat feature that the available scripts in the global Scripts menu vary according to the frontmost application, e.g. Safari or Mail. But some of them could be converted to applications/droplets in the Dock and still work – you could experiment .

Bill_De Ville,
Many thanks for yr answer. In order:

  • Cursor in Full Screen
    Well, I don’t see the cursor when open a Plain Text document in full screen mode. Should I reinstall app?

  • DevonTech_storage file

  • Excel
    Noted. Wonder why anyone would use Excel for text only…
    So guess indexing is the answer.

  • Hot Service

  • Contextual menu
    Doesn´t work in Safari, which is where I do almost all of text selections. DevonAgent does work there.

  • Multiple DB
    Noted. So you implying Contextual Menu’s better? Think an option
    to select DB when, e.g., copying text would be helpful.

  • Forums as DB
    Excellent idea! Hadn’t thought about it.

  • Scripts in menu bar
    Well, my 17’ has ample space; guess not all users menu bars are as crowded as yours! And let me insist that in my humble opinion it is a good idea. You say a whole bunch, which is not what I mentioned. In Devonthink itself I tend to use most often only two scripts and having them in the menu bar saves time, rather than going through menus and submenus and then again the icons in the mneu bar are configurable, thus everyone can make his democratically personal choice. The Dock option also a bit of a cumbersome solution in my humble opinion.

Once again, tks.

Do you refer to the text or the mouse cursor? And do you use the standard full screen colors (see preferences)?

V2 will add a contextual menu plugin.

You can modify the scripts folder of course, e.g. remove unnecessary stuff or move scripts to the top level of the folder or create aliases of the most often used scripts and add them to the top level etc.

Scripts/Contextual menu noted.

Full screen: don´t see the text cursor; do see the mouse cursor.
I use a modified background color.


If a text is read-only (e.g. locked or indexed), then there’s no cursor. That might be the reason.

Actually, no. Tried it with newly created plain text docs read/write and still cursor (text) not showing.


Perhaps your modified background color makes the text cursor invisible. Try a different background color to see if that makes a difference.

I’m one of those who like black on white, and I don’t use the full screen view because I have to jump out of it to be able to do other things – so I’m probably not much help. :slight_smile:


just realized hadn´t answered re background color. indeed, was using a color similar to the background of this forum page; switched to another and now cursor visible. pity, liked the tan one.