Various suggestions

Hi all.
Continue to be amazed and entirely satisfied by the many possibilities the app offers. Let me suggest some further options:

  • Currently 7 labels available. Could more be included in a next version? Hve found that labeling and sorting by labels is extremely fast and useful.

  • Could the toolbar be specific to each DB?

  • When using the Services Menu to copy to a DB, in case more than one available, it would be nice to hve an option to choose which one to copy to.

  • Sheet:

    1. possibilty to align contents of columns Left, Right, Center
    2. possibility to print including gridlines (though horizontal ones not available)
  • Backup script extremely useful, the one under Export “Backup to Archive”. But it also backs up internally in the DB.
    Since I’m backing up to external HD daily, would be nice to hve this option in itself.

  • a script to copy titles from NewsFire (this the rss I’m using)

thanks in advance,